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Gas-Lock Lite

Gas-Lock Lite Plan

Protection against price increases at even lower cost.
What it does: You pay for the protection up front, at a rate of about 22 cents/gallon for the number of months you want, e.g. 1000 gallons/month for two years would cost $.22 * 1000 * 24 or $5280.

How it works: If prices go up, we automatically credit your account each month by the difference between actual prices and your guarantee. If prices go down, you get 50% of the reduction for the first 50 cents and 100% of the reduction beyond 50 cents.

Result: You enjoy most of the benefit if lower prices occur, and the program cost is lower than for the Classic Gas-Lock.

But no matter how smart it is, some businesses may have problems adjusting cash flows for a partial pre-payment of fuel.

There is an easy answer: Low-cost financing available through our banking partners.

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