Gas-Lock Advisors, LLC

Our Story

Most business people will tell you that there are two things that are simply out of control. They don't know what to do about them. One of them is healthcare. One of them is fuel costs. We can't do anything about healthcare, and don't really know anybody that can. The premiums just keep going up.

We can do something to manage fuel costs. Gas-Lock Advisors and FuelCASHBack, a division of SCA Promotions put certainty in the process so that it's possible to budget and plan. To know what your fuel costs will be even two to three years out.

Each program is tailored specifically to our clients needs.

Our mission: Come to the aid of businesses struggling to cope with the unpredictability of fuel costs. We find out the client's need and design a program specifically for it. We know how to hedge risk in the commodities market, finding just the right protection. This puts the consumers of fuel on equal footing with suppliers.

Two years ago our CEO, Jeff Miller, realized the energy issues we faced threatened both individuals and businesses. He invented the Gas-Lock concept (patent pending).

While working on a plan for a major automaker, one of their executives made a great suggestion. He said we should work directly with fleet managers, the people who had the biggest budget problem.

While we will soon launch our programs for individual purchasers of vehicles, we are taking the wise advice of the auto excecutive.

Now Available: Fuel Protection for Fleets